Rebecca Ackroyd

Our Body Studio courtyard plays host to a specially commissioned installation by Rebecca Ackroyd – a renowned London-based artist and alumnus of the Royal Academy of Arts. Guaranteed to make you take a second look (did that vent just stick its tongue out at me?!), 'Stems' seeks to reconcile the gargantuan body of the building with that of the inhabitants inside, merging the two to create a sculptural garden in which gigantic feet, hands and tongues protrude from the cold metal vents that punctuate the space. 

1 - Yayoi Kusama

2 - Spencer Finch

3 - Richard Wright

4a - Douglas Gordon

4b - Douglas Gordon

5 - Simon Pertion

6 - Chantal Joffe

7 - Michal Rovner

8a - Darren Almond

8b - Darren Almond

9 - Conrad Shawcross

10 - Eduardo Paolozzi

11 - Matthew Darbyshire

12 - Rebecca Ackroyd

13 - Art Block

14 - The Art Store

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