Feast your eyes on our new Eye See campaign – a glimpse into the multifaceted world of eyewear and beyond. Celebrating the launch of our brand-new sunglasses and optical destination at Selfridges London (opening at the end of July 2018), we’re showcasing this season’s most eye-catching frames and taking a look at the world through a new lens. Here’s looking at you…


Eye spy with my little eye...

Our favourite sunglasses brands

Keep your eyes peeled

Le Specs black sunglasses / Gentle Monster red sunglasses (coming soon) / Becca Jewellery earrings

Coming soon:
Fresh Eyes podcast

Have you ever wondered how it's possible to hear images and paint sounds, or how to get from A to B without staring into the abyss of your mobile maps? Well, you have now. Indulge your curiosity with Fresh Eyes, our new podcast series in which you'll hear thought-provoking and humorous voices offering an alternative perspective on a range of mind-bending topics. Stay tuned as our first episode is released soon.

Look out!

At the end of July, we’ll unveil the world’s largest single-space destination for eyewear on G at Selfridges London. That's over 4,000 square foot of eye candy, with a whopping 2,000 pairs of sunglasses and optical glasses. Discover the coolest names in frames, including new-to-Selfridges labels Blake Kuwahara and Thierry Lasry, as well as fashion favourites Gentle Monster, Linda Farrow and Loewe. Plus, add some style to your next sight test with our new state-of-the-art opticians services.

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