Our Mission

Selfridges aims to be an environmentally responsible company, working with our customers, people, partners, suppliers and communities on combating climate change, managing waste, safeguarding natural resources and trading ethically.

Climate Change

We will reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions.


We will generate less waste, recycle more, receive less waste from suppliers, and transport waste more efficiently.

Fair Partnership

We will operate fairly with our partners and suppliers, engage with ethically sound companies, and support our people and our communities to help the environment.

Producer Responsibility (Packaging waste)

Together with several other department stores, Selfridges is a member of the Retailers' Producer Responsibility Association (REPRA). As such, we are committed to fully carry the cost of recycling the packaging waste our stores generate within the UK.

Online Orders


All of our online packaging is made from recyclable materials and is designed so that you can return your order in the same packaging if necessary. We have minimised the use of plastic in our packaging and used recycled materials where possible.


We are working very closely with our delivery partners to minimise our carbon footprint where possible.

The Crossed out Wheelie Bin symbol

Electrical and Electronic Equipment that was made after 13 Aug 2005 should display this symbol on the packaging or product. If you see this symbol, please send the product to be repaired and reused or use the bank locator to find where it can be recycled.

Recycling Household Electrical equipment

With effect from July 2007, the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations require that all producers of electrical equipment are now obliged to pay for recycling of household electrical goods, where previously this bill was met by councils or items were not recycled at all.

These regulations also require that all retailers both actively assist in delivering a UK wide WEEE collection infrastructure and encourage the participation of consumers in recycling electronic equipment.

So that you can get your waste electrical goods recycled, Selfridges has contributed towards a national fund to assist local councils to further develop their existing waste electronics collection facilities, which will in turn allow producers of this equipment to meet their obligations.

Not all council sites are suitable to collect all types of waste electrical goods but to find out your nearest participating site (including other collection facilities that may not be operated by the council) and for advice on all aspects of recycling at home, please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk. Enter your postcode to find out about recycling facilities in your area.

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams and much of it can be recycled and resources recovered to make new consumer goods. To remind consumers of the collection methods available, which in turn allow recycling to take place, all electrical items sold now carry the ‘crossed out wheeled bin’ symbol. To ensure your waste electronics do not contribute to damaging the environment, please use www.recycle-more.co.uk and recycle today.

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