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Anya Hindmarch launches Build-A-Bag pop up at Selfridges

Taking an obsession with craftsmanship and personalisation a step further, Anya Hindmarch launches the Build A Bag concept; a capsule collection of handles, straps and decorative accessories that can be used to create a luxurious leather bag unique to you. 

Anya Hindmarch explains, ‘I love beautiful things and won’t compromise on quality. This bag is made from the most expensive full bodied but very soft leather. Its simplicity is its beauty and as a consequence it falls really well and moulds to your body. But with this beautiful and rich simplicity, it is fun to mess it up. Like my friend who would always have a charm tied on a ribbon to her Father’s wristwatch that she wore. It makes it yours and can make a beautiful and seriously made piece light hearted. I like this irreverent approach combined with absolute quality. For me the two attributes deliver more than the sum of the individual parts.’

Selfridges’ Director of Accessories, Eleanor Robinson says, ‘With this new concept Anya Hindmarch successfully combines craftsmanship, technology and playfulness. Personalisation initiatives have been some of our most successful, both commercially and creatively. We’re thrilled to offer this new luxury service to our customers, enabling them to create the ultimate bespoke bag.’

Step 1:
Choose your base. Options include both large and small lightweight sizes, fine tumbled leather or natural python skin types and a rainbow of colour options are available. Both skins lined in suede and all styles have a detachable loose pocket inside for easy organisation

Step 2:
Select your handles (from mink, shearling, exotic and leather in a broad colour spectrum) and shoulder straps (embroidered, stickered up or leather)

Step 3:
Accessorise! Bag charms (mink, leather and shearling), embellished handle keepers, decorative key fobs, intricate leather ruffs, tassels and stickers, all in a host of treatments added for the finishing touch


Build a Bag unlocks hundreds of different combinations, all built in store with the customer and taken away at time of purchase, making each bag as unique as their owner. 

Build your own bag online and in store at Selfridges, London, from 11 September.