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Wednesday 7 January 2015

Bright Old Things - Bruno Wizard

Bruno Wizard

Was: Punk Musician
Is now: Punk Hero / Writer

Bruno Wizard is a 64-year-old London punk musician who became an underground legend for his original performances in the late '70s. As front man of The Rejects and The Homosexuals, he performed alongside The Jam and Generation X. His loathing of the establishment made him follow his own heart at any cost. Read more…Bruno Wizard lived rough for a few years. A volunteer at a homeless shelter in London rediscovered his story during the Christmas of 2011. This resulted in a whirlwind of amazing new experiences, including the release of a documentary film, 'The Heart of Bruno Wizard'.

Is the music industry obsessed with age?
As a child of the '60s, I have known pop culture in terms of the 'music industry' to be nothing but age obsessed - in terms of the age of artists they give record deals to, right through to maintaining a youthful image through airbrushing photographs and marketing to a youth audience with associated industries in fashion and beauty.

How would you define punk?
In two ways:
1) Spiritual Punk - which is just another term for the energy that drives real artists, who create out of a necessity to express themselves freely. If I don't breathe, I die. If I don't create, I die. On this basis, true punks never die. This spirit is often observed in each generation's cultures as 'outsider', 'beatnik', and various other nomenclatures.
2) Establishment Punk - this 'imposter', which is known all over the world as punk, peddled by the cultural equivalent of drug dealers, arms dealers and dictators is something that I have disassociated from throughout my creative life and in my own personal terms. I would simply refer to it as 'The Beast'. This beast's staple diet is control of production, distribution and the media.

How has returning to your career changed your life?
The basic premise of "returning to my career" is false. On the basis that "my life is my art is my business is my life", I neither started a career, nor finished a career I could resume. I feel it more relevant to say that by me consciously changing my life, a sleeping world would seemingly have woken up to whoever they think I am or whoever they need me to be. One of the first Laws of Nature is that things are never quite what they first appear to be. Show less…

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Discover Bruno’s extraordinary story in his DVD ‘The Heart of Bruno Wizard’. Find out more or get in touch with Bruno via his website.

Todd Selby's Illustrated Interview

Fun, quirky and thoroughly charming, Todd Selby's illustrated Q&A offers up a unique insight into the mind of our Bright Old Thing.

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Bruno on film

Watch Bruno perform his latest track ‘Kate & Pete’, with illustrations by his best friend and collaborator M. Henry Jones.

Credits: directed by Elisabeth Rasmussen, edited by Tupaq Felber.