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Monday 15 February 2016

Royce launches luxury leather accessories line at Selfridges

As Royce launches its luxury line of leather accessories in store and online at Selfridges, we catch-up with the brand's CEO, Andrew Royce Bauer, to find out more.

Describe Royce in three words…
Aspirational, determined and loyal.

How would you describe the philosophy and aesthetic of the brand?
Royce is rooted in designing for you. Life is built on extraordinary transformation as you realise the person you dream of becoming. The mission of Royce is to empower you, respect you, and comfort you on this personal journey.
We do this by creating a collection of modern accessories which integrate the world’s most aspirational quality, ethical construction, and innovative functionality. This includes the invention of a 2 mm thick location-based Tracker which prevents you from losing your wallet, keys, luggage, bags, and important items ever again. 

Where do you source your leather?
We source luxury alligator, crocodile, and leather products locally in the United States of America through a rigorous quality-control process. We do this to sustain the vision set out by my family of creating a product which will cross continents and span generations without giving up the integrity of its craftsmanship. 

What was the first leather accessory made by the brand?
Royce created an America-made, full-grain leather travel kit in 1974 with a limited edition, gold-plated Gillette razor adorned with a fine wooden handle. 

Is there a Royce signature item?
A perennial staple is the 100 Step Wallet, a concept that pays homage to the tremendous work ethic and artisanship inherent to our family’s DNA at Royce. The wallet requires exactly 100 cuts and stitches and has been a timeless, enduring design for nearly half a century. The key takeaway from our process: do things the right way and positive results will manifest themselves. 

Tell us about the Freedom Collection. What made you come up with the idea?
A Royce Freedom Wallet is designed and handcrafted to last your lifetime, handmade by master artisans with fine leather. However, can we guarantee the life of a product without knowing if it will be kept safe? By integrating located-based tracking technology into the Royce products at Selfridges, we can confidently say our products should truly last your lifetime. The vision is to create a world where your luxury will never be lost. 

Do you ever look at any other accessory brands and think, 'I wish I'd designed that?'
The cycle of fashion makes us realise many of our designs were built on the hard work of craftsmen and craftswomen centuries before our time. I respect other brands and their products because we are all historically connected in the process of design. 
It is our duty to show appreciation to each other because without cooperation, we would never be able to deliver the best product experience to our customer. 

What's the best piece of advice given to you?
My late grandmother Dorothy Di Domenico taught me to find the best in everyone. In a world often hurt by the pains of conflict and casualties of war, we must remind ourselves that we are members of the same human family. Finding the time to love each other can make our planet a much safer place.  

Where next for Royce?
Royce will continue to transcend fashion norms, concentrating on this location-based, tracking technology in our luxury products. Ultimately, however, what’s next for Royce is not determined by me. Design is a human-centered approach which draws on the experience of the user. 


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