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5 JANUARY, 2017

Thoughtful Foodies launches at Selfridges

This January, we are ringing in 2017 with our new food campaign, Thoughtful Foodies

Launching in our Foodhalls at Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester Trafford from 5 January, Thoughtful Foodies looks at the emerging movement towards conscious eating and the ways we can solve environmental problems through our food choices. 

Not satisfied with simply where or how their food is produced, the 'Thoughtful Foodie' looks to lessen their impact on the environment by refusing plastic, questioning food waste, choosing to seldomly eat meat and considering the impact of mass-produced food whilst positively seeking sustainable food sources.

Visit our Foodhalls to discover a new range of products to inspire ways of eating better, including:

•    Free from and flavoursome: delicious gluten free and sugar-free snacks to help you manage food intolerances without missing out on your favourite flavours
•    Don’t panic, it’s organic: no pesticides or genetically modified ingredients, just Mother Nature doing her thing
•    Taste bud treating healthy eating: flavoursome, healthy ingredients to boost the body and mind
•    More taste than waste: delicious products using fruit and vegetables that don’t meet the supermarkets’ beauty standards 
•    No reason to not go vegan: a vegan diet is best for our planet and these ingredients make it a pleasure to follow

Plus, don't miss our in-store activity at Selfridges Oxford Street, London:

Hemsley + Hemsley Good to Go lunch bar 
The Foodhall on G
Grab a delicious lunch from the Hemsley + Hemsley pop-up, serving seasonal salads, belly-warming soups, stews and sweet treats.

Pip & Nut toasties
Until 12 February
The Foodhall on G
Try out Pip & Nut's deliciously moreish peanut butter toasties using their naturally nutritious nut butters.

Kuvings juice demonstration with Skip Archimedes
16 January, 3–7pm
Cookshop on LG

Meet nutritional coach Skip Archimedes and experts from Korean juicing brand Kuvings as they talk you through the benefits of cold press juicing with live demonstrations.