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Friday 6 January 2017

Material World

We invite you to unravel the stories behind your clothes and their effect on the world.


Selfridges Hot Air: Material World

What on earth are you wearing? Explore the materiality of our clothes and their effect on our world in our film by Sara Andreasson and Anna Ginsburg.

sustainable fashion - clothes with a conscience


Clothes with a conscience

Discover our favourite looks from the most exciting names in sustainable style.

A single pair of jeans can use up to 11,000 litres of water during its lifecycle –that's enough water to sustain a family of four for a month.



Eight materials and how to wear them more sustainably

Discover the impact of the world's most popular materials, and how we can work together for a more sustainable future.

Almost 1.2 billion square metres of leather is discarded every year – that's nearly enough to cover 168 thousand football pitches.

The Bright New Sustainable Fashion


Selfridges Loves: the bright new

Meet eight designers who are championing innovative ways to create covetable yet responsibly made collections.

sustainable fashion windows


Our windows

We're raising the awareness of sustainable fashion one passer-by at a time. Have a scroll through our world-famous Oxford Street windows, inspired by eight of the world's most popular materials.

Cotton farming accounts for almost a quarter of the world's pesticide usage.