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It’s shopping, but not as you know it. Discover one-of-a-kind experiences, world-class dining and luxury brands at the department store that started it all, Selfridges Oxford Street, London.

Selfridges London Oxford Street Store

Opening hours: 


Monday 9.30 - 21.00
Tuesday 9.30 - 21.00
Wednesday 9.30 - 21.00
Thursday 9.30 - 21.00
Friday 9.30 - 21.00
Saturday 9.30 - 21.00
Sunday 11.30 - 18.00*

*11.30 - 12.00 is browsing time only


Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street

To find us using a GPS device or an online mapping program, use the following address: 40 Duke Street, London, W1U 1AT

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News & Events

09 January - 31 March

Material World

Unravel the stories behind your clothes and their effect on the world with our Material World campaign.

05 January - 31 March

Thoughtful Foodies launches at Selfridges

Join us as we ring in 2017 with our new food campaign, Thoughtful Foodies, looking at the emerging movement towards conscious eating and the ways we can solve environmental problems through our food choices. 

31 March - 09 June

Our House: A Home For All

As part of Our House - our latest campaign exploring the rituals, objects and ideas that make a house a home - we invite you to experience 'A Home for All' by The New Craftsmen.

01 March

The Wonder Room Transformation

We invite you to discover the amazing changes we’ve recently made to this extraordinary space, including a brand new Dior boutique.


09 January - 31 March

The Fashion East store opens at Selfridges London

Get to know the brightest and best in British fashion design with our pop-up Fashion East store at Selfridges London.

16 March - 02 April

Fiorucci patch customisation service

To celebrate the relaunch of Fiorucci – the Italian denim brand famed for its 70s and 80s body-hugging denim – we’re offering one-off customisation services at Selfridges London. 

24 February - 02 April

wastED London comes to Selfridges

New York's ground-breaking food waste concept, wastED, is coming to London for the first time with a residency on the Selfridges rooftop.

30 January - 09 April

BMW electric driving experience

Discover emission-free city driving at Selfridges as we invite you to experience the BMW i3 with a complimentary chauffeur service. 

15 March - 23 April

Beanz Meanz Heinz limited edition cans and pop-up bar

Heinz is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic Beanz Meanz Heinz campaign with a new collection of limited edition collection and a Beanz Meanz Heinz pop-up bar.