Selfridges Hot Air presents:

 State of The Arts – The Podcast Series

What do you know about art?  In an age in which art has jumped out of museums and onto our screens and streets, chances are you know more than you think. From the clothes that you buy to who you follow on instagram, nowadays we are all curators, whether we know it or not. From trailblazers and rule breakers to your average joe, this series challenges the traditions of the art world by exploring the ways in which art infiltrates the lives of us all.


Episode 1: Art of Imitation

No one likes a copycat...especially when they cost you millions.
In this series opener, we explore the captivating yet criminal world of art forgery through the eyes of ex-forger John Myatt. From his criminal beginnings to now ‘painting on the right side of the law’, we hear John’s staggering story of subterfuge and house paints. But when authenticity is inextricably linked to the value of an artwork, it’s not just the forgers who have a stake in the matter. Speaking to dealers and experts alike, we unpack the taboo of imitation, asking whether the skill it takes to copy a world-class piece of art could ever be considered art in itself. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.