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Wednesday 5 April 2017

Give Me Five: Everyday objects made beautiful


In the spirit of our current 'Our House' campaign (in which we're looking at what exactly makes a house a home, and the rituals that make it so), we ask Homeware Buying Manager Geraldine James to help us select five everyday items that are anything but ordinary. There’s no place like home with pieces like these

With the help of Selfridges Homeware Buying Manager Geraldine James, we pick our favourite everyday items that are anything but ordinary

om Dixon Electric Orientalist hand wash


The trusty (and, let's face it, usually rather dull) hand wash has been given a design upgrade courtesy of homeware visionary Tom Dixon. This bottle of suds is not only chic to look at (hello fancy gold accents), but it smells pretty divine too. "The scent of rose hip, ginger and fennel adds a bit of exoticism to the simple ritual of hand cleansing," explains Geraldine James. What’s more, it's paraben-free so it's top-notch for sensitive hands.

Soha chopping board


For kitchenware that's made for displaying on the kitchen counter - and not hidden away at the back of the cupboard - look no further than the artisan crafters at Soha. Inspired by traditional Russian wooden architecture, Soha revels in minimalist style and monochromatic colours for simple but beautiful homeware. "Carved from heavy hazelnut and oak, these chopping boards are boiled in oil to add durability and strength," says Geraldine. "From the sawing process, they each get a natural pattern that's completely unique."

Stelton - electric kettle


You don't get more everyday than the humble kettle – so why not add a bit of artistic flair to your tea-making? "I literally use my kettle more than anything else in my kitchen," says Geraldine. "This one adds a real sense of design to my day-to-day." Hailing from Scandinavia (the current destination for of-the-moment home inspiration), Stelton's ethos is to ‘tickle the design gene' by opting for sleek finishes and modern touches.

Manufacture Digoin – large mixing bowl


The mixing bowl is functional, yes. But fashionable? Amazingly, it seems it can be – in the right hands. The team behind 142-year-old French brand Manufacture Digoin represents a love for all things artisan with its back-to-basics, traditional technique of sandstone pottery making that is a whole lot cooler (and way more of a conversation-starter) than your regular plastic bowl set. "It's thoughtfully designed and made by a brand that finds pure joy in its craft," says Geraldine. Say hello to a mixing bowl with a bit of history thrown in - along with your eggs, sugar and flour, of course.

Bruzzoni – electronic toothbrush


Finally: technology and design meet head on in this 'Wall Street' electric toothbrush – the perfect choice for those who want to add a sleek touch to their bathroom shelf. Minimal in design (black and copper, the chicest combo by far) and boasting a seriously sophisticated wireless charging device, this is one super-fresh toothbrush (pun intended).

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