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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Give Me Five: High-tech wonders for your home


Our current 'Our House' campaign (which explores what makes a house a home) has got us thinking: what will our homes look like in the future? These nifty new gadgets, designed to make our lives better, easier and more fun, give us a taste of just that - and the best thing is, they're available now.

These nifty new gadgets, designed to make our lives better, easier and more fun, give us a taste of what our homes will look like in the future - and the best thing is, they're available now.

Avegant - Glyph audio and video headset

Reality bytes

At first glance, they look like a pair of headphones (which they are, too, with exceptional sound quality) but pull the headband down and - voilà! - you've got your own portable cinema. How does it work? Built-in optics in the headband beam your favourite movie or game from your smartphone or tablet straight in front of your eyes, wherever you are. The future is now.

LG - Signature 65” OLED TV

Picture perfect

At just 3mm thick (yes, you read that right), LG's new 'wallpaper' television may just be the most exciting thing to happen to TVs since…well, ever. This 65-inch wonder machine lies flat against the wall, blending seamlessly into its surroundings while providing a cinema-quality picture. Plus, when you're not watching it, the TV doubles up as a picture frame, displaying beautiful digital art or your photographs. Trust us, you've got to see it to believe it.

PRYNT iPhone 6/6s case

Fine prints

This genius phone case from Prynt allows you to print Polaroid-style photographs straight from your iPhone; simply plug your phone into the case, take a photo and print! What's more, when you take a picture, the Prynt app also records a short video and stores it in the Cloud. When you've printed the photo, scan it with your phone to replay the video. Magic.

SONOS Playbase

Wired for sound

Gone are the days when surround sound meant having speakers dotted all over your living room. Now, with the new Sonos Playbase, you can get that epic full-cinema sound from just one speaker. The sleek design sits discreetly underneath your TV, so it slots seamlessly into any interior. Plus, it's hooked up to an app on your phone so you can even stream music to it when your TV's off.

Instrumments dimensioning pen

Sizing up

Throw away that old measuring tape now; this nifty little pen is here to make the onerous task of measuring things up a total breeze. The pen is rigged with a laser in one end that you can run over any surface (including curves, corners and irregular shapes) and it will tally up the measurements and send them straight to a special app on your phone. Job done.

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