Matthew Darbyshire in the Shoe Galleries

Matthew Darbyshire has created three figurative works for Selfridges that play with, subvert and interrogate familiar classical symbols. Observing that many worldwide brands derive from classical deities, Darbyshire has reinterpreted the traditional statuary of NikeHermes and Mars, mimicking the layering method typically seen in digital printing, but using a traditional crafting processes. Here, in The Shoe Galleries, you will see Hermes and Mars standing proud. Nike can be found at The Art Block on G, located in our Accessories Hall.

 “I thought back and realised that the cathedral informed the museum and the museum informed the mall – so if shopping is the new religion, then brands are the new icons that, regardless of faith, race or creed, unify us all.” Matthew Darbyshire

1 - Yayoi Kusama

2 - Spencer Finch

3 - Richard Wright

4a - Douglas Gordon

4b - Douglas Gordon

5 - Simon Pertion

6 - Chantal Joffe

7 - Michal Rovner

8a - Darren Almond

8b - Darren Almond

9 - Conrad Shawcross

10 - Eduardo Paolozzi

11 - Matthew Darbyshire

12 - Rebecca Ackroyd

13 - Art Block

14 - The Art Store

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