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  1. Car parking
  2. Carry to car
  3. Cash machines
  4. Catering
  5. Coat and bag drop off
  6. Currencies accepted

Car Parking

There is parking available close to all our stores.

    • London

      The car park is at the rear of the store. Access is via Edward Mews, off Duke Street (Sat Nav: W1U 1AT).

      Open Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm, Sunday 11.30am to 7pm.


      £5 up to 1 hour

      £10 up to 2 hours

      £15 up to 3 hours

      £20 up to 4 hours

      £25 up to 5 hours

      £30 up to 6 hours

      £35 up to 7 hours

      £40 up to 24 hours

      Contract spaces available

      Please be aware that if you lose your ticket, you will be fined £40.

    • Birmingham

      Parking at Moor Street on the top floor allows access via a footbridge directly into store (Sat Nav: B5 4BP).

    • Manchester Trafford Centre

      There is a free car park as part of the development (Sat Nav: M17 8DA).

    • Mancheser Exchange Square

      The car park is shared with M&S. Access is via Deansgate and takes you under the store (Sat Nav M3 1BD).

      Open Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 8pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm.


      £3.50 up to 2 hours (minimum charge)

      £5 for 2-3 hours

      £8 for 3-4 hours

      £11 for 4-6 hours

      £20 more than 6 hours

Carry to Car

If you have parked in our car park and need help carrying your shopping to your car, our free Carry to Car service is available over the festive season. The Carry to Car team can also take you to any of our exits and help you hail a taxi. To use this service, just ask a member of our shop floor team.

Cash Machines

There are two cash machines available in our London store: one is near to the Pharmacy on the Ground Floor, and one by the washrooms on the Third Floor. Both machines accept all major cards and there is no charge for using them.


Planning a party? No matter how big or small the occasion, Selfridges can cater for it. Delivery is available to addresses within a three mile radius of the store. Please call or email for menus and more details.

Foodhall, 0207 318 3458 (overseas callers +44 113 369 8040), email foodhall@selfridges.co.uk

Coat and Bag Drop Off

In our London store you can leave your coat and bags at the reception of our Customer Services department on the Lower Ground floor. This costs just £3 per customer but is free of charge if you are leaving Selfridges shopping bags.

Terms and conditions apply; please see Customer Services for more details. Please note that bags will be searched before they can be deposited and that all belongings must be collected by the end of the day. As of 1 July 2009, we no longer accept luggage (rucksacks, holdalls and suitcases)

Currencies Accepted

We value our overseas customers and we understand that our UK customers are jet-setting types too. Selfridges therefore accepts the following currencies at any till-point:

  • US $ American Dollars
  • CHF Swiss Francs
  • EUR Euros
  • JPY Japanese Yen

Selfridges also accepts all major credit cards and traveller’s cheques.

London, Birmingham, Manchester Trafford, Manchester Exchange

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