Tracking your order

Is it nearly there yet? Track your order to check the status of the yellow-lined Selfridges box with your name on it.

How to track your order

Sign in to your account and click on 'View order history' in My Orders to see your most recent orders and check on their status.

If your order has been dispatched and is in transit, you will be given the option to track its journey. Select the order you wish to track in My Orders and hit the 'Track' button to follow every step of its route from our warehouse to your door.

If a parcel is small enough to fit through a letterbox, it may be delivered by Royal Mail. We are unable to offer a tracking facility for these orders.

Once an order has been dispatched, it can’t be changed. Orders for certain products cannot be amended or cancelled once they have been placed. See our terms and conditions for examples.

Please note that our tracking service will not be available if you ordered using the Guest Checkout.