Christian Louboutin

The story started with a stroke of red nail colour and the legend continues 22 years later. Over the years Christian realised that his understanding of femininity and elegance had gone beyond shoes. People were already embracing the spirit of the brand, so stepping into beauty was natural for Louboutin. A milestone in the history of Christian Louboutin is the way he created 'Pensée', a shoe designed in 1992 influenced by Warhol and the Pop Art movement. Having drawn the shoe perfectly to his satisfaction, he was disappointed when he saw the prototype. Something was missing, even though it was very close to the initial drawing.While staring at the prototype he saw his assistant painting her nails at her desk next to him. He sponteneously grabbed the nail polish and proceeded to paint the sole of the shoe. He liked it... HE LOVED IT.... ET VOILA! The signature red sole was born.

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the POPS


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