Tax-free shopping

Do you live outside the EU? Then you can claim back VAT paid on most of your purchases.

After you have indulged in a day of shopping at Selfridges, simply take your receipts to Customer Services on the Lower Ground Floor, Oxford Street, where we will be happy to fill in a tax free refund form for you. There is a charge for this service which is a variable percentage depending on the value of the items for which a refund is being claimed.

There are, of course, some conditions. Goods must leave the UK three months from the last day of the month in which you shop; you must be a non-EU resident; and the total spend at Selfridges must be over £50.

On exit from the EU, please take your VAT 407 form to UK customs at the airport for validation (you will be expected to have your purchases ready to show them). Send the validated form in the prepaid envelope and we will be able to issue your refund directly onto your payment card or into your UK bank account. You can also take your validated form to the Travelex desk at the airport for an immediate cash refund.

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