Thameen Beauty

Thameen is a luxury fragrance house with a difference. Born from an obsession with rare scented oils, the London-based brand creates polished and original scents that combine Eastern opulence with Western refinement. The name is taken from the Arabic word for "precious"; each of its creations is inspired by the world’s most sought-after jewels and the stories behind them. In our selection, discover the label's intoxicating scents through Eau de Parfums and the more concentrated Extrait de Parfums, as well as nostril-pleasing products to smooth into the hair and skin.

Basel Binjabr founded Thameen in 2013, having fallen in love with the power of fragrance – how it can trigger memories and transport you to another world. His devotion to perfume stemmed from childhood trips to see perfume oil sellers with his late father, a keen scent connoisseur himself. Today, the company's opulent fragrances blend rich top, heart and base notes ranging from musk and amber to Taif rose and Sicilian lemon oil. 

Scents by Thameen are prized for their longevity and high concentration – one spritz from the brand's instantly recognisable blue glass bottles goes a long way. In need of a gift for a special someone? A collection box of mini flacons is a thoughtful way to present a varied selection from the revered perfumer.

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60/66 results
60/66 results