Indulge your sweet tooth with the mouthwatering flavours of Valrhona chocolate. The brand was founded back in 1922 by French pastry chef Albéric Guironnet, and is based in a small town in France's Rhone valley. The region is renowned for its gastronomic excellence. These prestigious chocolate bars, snacks and cocoa powders benefit from the chef's traditional training and the region's dedication to culinary quality. 

The brand operates its own plantations in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, so it can oversee the cultivation of its cocoa. It then uses artisanal techniques to enhance the flavour of its high-quality beans, creating distinctive aromatic profiles that provide sensual richness and a luxury profile. A combination of roasted nuts, vanilla extract, cane sugar and other hand-picked ingredients means that Valrhona milk chocolate and dark chocolate selections have impeccable tastes and textures.

Valrhona chocolate is crafted to suit a wide variety of palates and preferences, with recipes that offer everything from bold intensity to a mellow, creamy character. And the decadence of the brand's products is just as popular with chefs and chocolatiers as it is with everyday consumers. Valrhona cocoa powders are commonly used in gourmet dishes and desserts, as experts rely on their complexity and consistency.

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