Boost your energy all year-round with our range of products by Lumie. The British company's story began in 1991, when founder Steve Hayes lost his job and began to search for ways to tap into his circadian rhythms and naturally improve his mood. And the result was these Lumie lights and clocks that combat symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) using gentle but powerful light therapy. 

A Lumie light from our collection steadily rouses you from sleep each morning, mimicking the effects of sunrise by growing gradually brighter. A slow and more soft wake-up helps you to feel more alert, productive and refreshed throughout the day. You can personalise the effect of your Lumie clock by setting your waking time and sunrise duration, as well as choosing from over 30 nature-inspired sounds. When it's time for bed, your light fades to help you drift off. 

We also have options to position at your desk, or wherever you spend a lot of time during waking hours. Energy-efficient and UV-free, these lamps use warm white LEDs to deliver light that offers the same effect on your body and mood as natural sunlight. They're ideal for use in winter or when you need to spend a lot of time inside, using illumination to help you feel your best.

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