There's nothing that uplifts us so much as finding everyday objects that double as decadent treats. Enter Marvis, the brand that makes brushing your teeth the twice-daily highlight of your personal care routine. From its iconic, retro packaging to the variety of delicious flavours on offer, this wish list-worthy toothpaste is anything but quotidian.

Although the brand was established in 1958, Marvis is a modern phenomenon. It's difficult to think of any other toothpaste that hovers on the border between function and fashion. Marvis's sleek matte aluminium tubes are a covetable design object and pleasingly climate-friendly – both the tube and paper containers are recyclable. More than just a pretty face, Marvis toothpaste also cares for teeth and freshens breath. With a powerful formula that removes plaque and tartar, it also reduces stains and gives a deep, protective clean.

Forget predictable peppermint – Marvis mint comes in seven unique varieties, ranging from classic strong mint to tingling cinnamon and sweet jasmine. There are even limited edition tubes of toothpaste for those who enjoy the thrill of the unknown. Each flavour comes in its own dynamic hue. You can choose your tube for the taste, or use it to complement the colour of your toothbrush and towels.

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