The story so far

We believe that together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. That’s why we’re committed to buying better and inspiring change, so you can do the same.

Here you can find out all about what we have achieved so far and our ambitious aims for the future.

Selfridges Hot Air presents Selfridges & Sustainability

Commissioned to celebrate Selfridges' Buying Better / Inspiring Change journey, this animation – created in collaboration with Strange Beast directors Anna Ginsburg and Hannah Jacobs – explores what sustainability means to Selfridges and its team members, and everything they’ve achieved so far.

Project Ocean

Find out about our long-term campaign to help protect our precious oceans from over-fishing and plastic pollution.

Our Products & Partners

Discover how to make your style more sustainable with our handy product edits and insider tips.

The Way We Work

Read all about our policies and plans for the future, whether it’s the way we buy & sell, build & ship or work day to day.

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