Biscuit Boutique

Our collection by Biscuit Boutique is where food and art meet. The family-owned brand specialises in creating mouth-watering baked cookies and more. They are intricately decorated, some with dazzling geometric patterns, making them (almost) too good to eat. Whether you're looking for the ideal gift for someone special or want to indulge yourself in a delicious treat, start here. 

In our range, you'll find decadent chocolate bonbons by Biscuit Boutique. Each tray is filled with meticulously designed and colourful confectionery in popular flavours, from crunchy hazelnut praline to smooth white chocolate. Prints are expertly hand-drawn by Biscuit Boutique artists and include vibrant flowers and jewel-coloured birds. Some are the product of artists' collaborations, while others take their inspiration from global influences, including Portuguese ceramic tiles. The box alone is bound to impress with opulent gold detailing. 

Look out for bonbons with the green Project Earth logo; these are crafted from vegan-friendly ingredients and have recyclable packaging. They're also made without palm oil and are halal, making them a feel-good choice. When it comes to size, you can take your pick between four and twelve pieces, and all last at least four months so you can dip in and out as you wish.

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