Fashion Books

What's a perfectly curated coffee table without an obligatory stack of fashion books? Or an expertly colour-coded bookshelf without your favourite names in photography and haute couture on display? In short, every home needs an iconic hardback primed for delving into annually or keeping restless hands occupied. Whether it's dedicated to an industry idol or the cover works particularly well in your interior colour scheme, we have the publication for you. 

Whichever journal you choose, take a cursory flick through its glossy pages to discover some of fashion's most theatrical and fantastical moments. Replete with stories, anecdotes, and never-before-seen imagery, consider each book an exclusive invite into this high-octane world. With jaw-dropping photography and rarely-seen sketches, they're essential reading for any ardent fashion lover. 

Whether celebrating a pioneering fashion photographer with an instantly recognisable humanist approach or exploring one of the world's leading pop culture magazines, each book documents iconic moments in sartorial history, candid behind-the-scenes moments, and thousands of original runway shots. And from visionary designers to runway supermodels, our retrospectives have coffee table status written all over them. 

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41/41 results
41/41 results