Brandy Glasses Glasses

Complete your glassware collection with a brandy glass from the designer range at Selfridges. You'll impress your guests or simply make your favourite tipple an even more delightful indulgence. Browse cut-glass creations in contemporary and classic styles.

As aficionados of fine spirits know, serving your drink of choice in the correct glass makes all the difference to the experience. Whether you favour Armagnac or Calvados, Cognac or Brandy de Jerez, it should be sipped at room temperature in a glass known as a snifter – that's a brandy glass. These have a wide bowl and tapered opening, allowing you to swirl your drink around the vessel. Brandy glasses have a short stem, but they're traditionally held by the bowl – the theory being that the warmth from your hand releases more of the drink's aroma. The shape of the glass also enables you to inhale its heady bouquet with every sip, intensifying the pleasure.

Our highly decorative crystal brandy glasses have a very traditional aesthetic. They team well with elaborate decanters and opulent decor, while sleeker designs blend enchantingly with minimalist interiors. If you're starting a cocktail cabinet from scratch, look out for brandy glass sets as well as glass ranges incorporating shapes and sizes to accommodate the full spectrum of drinks.

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