Stay fully charged with a portable battery by Mophie. The Californian company popped up in 2005 and since then has risen to become a leading mobile power brand. A passion for innovation and a finger on the pulse of customers' changing needs keep the brand at the forefront of new tech developments.

The Mophie accessories in our collection offer exceptional performance (like super-fast charging) and intuitive design for fuss-free usage. Sleek shapes and minimalist lines characterise the brand's style. We're talking slender profiles that are easy to slip into pouches, as well as modern deep-black casing with rounded edges. The simple moniker is stamped onto storage items and other surfaces – a marker of the cutting-edge science distilled into each of them.

Mophie travel kits make it easy for the adventurer to stay online. Just place your phone on one of the non-slip mini pads and allow its smart technology to begin rejuvenating your device through contact alone. It can transmit power through protective cases up to 3mm thick, so you can leave your mobile in its sleeve for convenience. Handy micro-USB cables and car chargers offer alternative ways to top up when you're not at home, as do interchangeable travel adaptors made for multiple countries.

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