Science Museum

Calling budding alchemists, passionate palaeontologists, and aspiring engineers (or their doting parents), London's Science Museum brings the magic of its renowned displays into your homes. Discover our specially curated selection of science-themed playsets and pique the interest of curious tots while keeping them entertained for hours.

If your intrepid youngster constantly asks questions about the big wide world, but you don't know how to answer, fear not; Science Museum has a solution. Whether it's archaeology, astronomy, biology, biochemistry or physics that gauges their curiosity, browse our range of children's playsets, targeted at kids of all ages, and let their imaginations run free, having endless fun and learning along the way.

From mechanical kits to building robots and piecing together amusement parks, the Science Museum creates an array of children's playsets with handy illustrated instructions for your little genius to follow easily. Plus, they help kids develop dexterity, ingenuity, and creativity by expanding their scientific skills and encouraging STEM learning; it sounds like a no-brainer to us. Don a lab coat and grab a pair of safety goggles because what the Science Museum has in store will blow them away – not literally, of course.

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