Remote Control Toys

Amp up the fun at playtime with our collection of remote control toys. Our wide selection is packed full of speedy vehicles for playing and racing, as well as thrilling rollercoaster rides from some of the most trusted and state-of-the-art brands.

In our range of toys for kids, you’ll find sleek cars built to miniature ratios of their full-size counterparts, making them just the thing for Formula 1 and Nascar fans. Some have up to 20 metres of driving distance away from the controls, so they're ideal for getting competitive with friends and family both outside and in the house. They feature plenty of exciting details, like winged doors and accurate steering wheels, in bold colours you won't miss as they whizz by. 

Also in our round-up of toy vehicles, we've got nostalgic train sets with motorised engines, realistic carriages and LED smokestacks. For hassle-free use, choose a design with rechargeable batteries that can be operated wirelessly. Build adrenaline-pumping tracks for your cars and trucks with gravity-defying loop-the-loops as well as steep slopes for building up breakneck speed. In addition, you can discover surprising and whimsical models, such as mythical dragons complete with flapping wings and wave-skipping speedboats.

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35/35 results
35/35 results