Alexander McQueen Watches & Jewellery

Alexander McQueen's collection of accessories includes jewellery and watches as decadent as its clothing. Skull charms and chunky mixed metal designs sit alongside delicate pieces set on supple leather. Parading the brand's signature dark aesthetic, Selfridges is the place to come to discover McQueen's high-octane style.

The house's Creative Director, Sarah Burton, uses a plethora of distinctive touches, and we adore Alexander McQueen accessories for their gothic glamour. More is more when it comes to an Alexander McQueen necklace, and you'll find a beguiling mix of different materials, with brass and pearls galore. Many are dotted with glittering crystals, and detailed engravings add further interest. 

The much-recognised motif of the skull is often on display. Rarely predictable, the placement can vary and you'll sometimes find it melded on an oversized ring for maximum impact. Other times, you'll spot it subtly incorporated into a pair of earrings. There are other interesting emblems, too, like delicate roses, and they come on slender hoops. 

When it comes to gift-giving, Alexander McQueen lockets make a thoughtful receptacle – just add in a treasured photograph for a present that's as personal as it's fashionable. Or, for people with a rebellious streak, perhaps you'll opt for a leather bracelet.

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15/15 results