Alexander McQueen Men's Scarves

When it comes to Alexander McQueen, it's generally better to expect the unexpected. This label's founding designer and namesake was once dubbed the bad boy of fashion. And his rebellious legacy lives on. In our collection of Alexander McQueen scarves for men, you can expect to find gloriously Gothic prints and unpredictable colourways.

The late McQueen began his career as a Savile Row tailor before turning his hand to theatrical costumes and then establishing his own empire in 1992. The brand now sits under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, who maintains its reputation for quality tailoring and bold cuts. It is renowned for taking ordinary pieces and giving them a melodramatic air. So with Alexander McQueen neck scarves, you'll see oversized squares designed to give an exaggerated silhouette when you wrap them around. And – to further fly in the face of tradition – these pieces can also be worn as a belt or used to accentuate a travel bag.

The label's iconic skull emblem runs throughout our selection of Alexander McQueen scarves at Selfridges. Explore them in monochrome palettes or find them juxtaposed with delicate shades such as pale rose pink. Keep an eye out for raw edges along the soft fabrics as well as printed branding.

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