Arctic Army

Arctic Army offers some of the boldest, most recognisable coats in the luxury outerwear scene. Brand creators Ed Jefferson and Paul Waite caused a stir from the get-go with their debut bomber jacket and the duo haven't looked back since. Expect high-shine puffer styles with exaggerated silhouettes that offer a nostalgic throwback to the R&B movement of the 1990s.

The label's ethos is rooted in unapologetic maximalism: a belief in premium everyday pieces made to stand out from the crowd. Durable, heavyweight fabrics complete the basis of what the founders call a "forever uniform", so you can enjoy wearing these streetwear-enthused designs for years to come. Each Arctic Army coat is signed off with tactile details including rubberised patches, raised silicone logos and fluffy trims. Practical touches can be found in the form of double-lined hoods and insulated pockets.

Looking for something a little more laid-back? Check out our selection of Arctic Army clothing basics, from relaxed-fit T-shirts to chunky hoodies. Colour palettes range from acid-washed monochrome to vibrant candy pink and baby blue. Heads up: word on the playground is the Arctic Army lineup now includes collections for kids and teens, so envious siblings can finally get in on the action, too.

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