It’s time to treat your tresses to something special. Our range is filled with salon-worthy shampoos from leading labels for every hair type. Let the dry, damaged hair be gone, and the lush growth commence. Don’t miss our full beauty edit for more pampering essentials.

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SELFRIDGES: Project Earth beauty bag
AVEDA: Shampure™ Nurturing shampoo 1l
OUAI: Fine Shampoo 946ml
AVEDA: Invati Advanced™ 3 Step Set
AWAKE ORGANICS: Vegan powder shampoo 55g
DAVINES: NaturakTech Purifying Shampoo 250ml
AVEDA: Rosemary Mint purifying shampoo 250ml
AVEDA: Color Conserve™ shampoo 250ml
AVEDA: Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo 1L