Peel-off face masks are a gentle and effective way of rejuvenating skin, purifying pores and promoting radiance. Our collection is brimming with effective products to treat and pamper. Will you go for something light and refreshing or a deeply nourishing option?

Get that squeaky clean feeling with a blackhead peel-off mask. These formulas dig down into pores to minimise excess dirt and oil, resulting in a clearer and more even complexion. Options with sulfur have anti-microbial benefits, while products with clay will absorb excess oil and purify the skin. We also have masks specifically designed to boost your glow, with some containing botanical extracts and natural brightening ingredients such as vitamin C.

In the colder months, a face peel with hydrating properties is just the thing for sealing in moisture. Many can be applied as the last step in your nightly ritual and left on until you wake up in the morning, delivering soothing and calming benefits while you sleep. Need results in a flash? Some of these products take just three minutes to do their magic, making them the ideal pre-event or night-out option. Look out for our green Project Earth banner to easily find eco-conscious and vegan-friendly products.

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38/38 results
38/38 results