CARTIER Fine Jewellery

What can we say about Cartier jewellery that hasn’t already been shouted from a million bling-loving rooftops? It’s better, we think, to let the pieces speak for themselves. Here you’ll find some of the finest designs from the famed French brand, including pendants, bracelets and bands. 

Why not try a pendant necklace, resplendent in white gold with a graceful cable chain? A one-piece bracelet, regal and robust yet studded delicately with diamonds? Or a pair of earrings, bestrewn with precious stones and sporting the brand’s signature panther motif? You’ll see other trademark touches across our selection of Cartier designer jewellery. The bolts, the nails, the astonishing attention to detail – to name just three.

Since launching in 1847, the jewellery house has innovated at a rate that warrants a whole history book to itself. Cartier has constantly pushed forward for excellence in design, so it’s no wonder the brand is such a favourite of royal families.

You don’t have to be a royal to wear Cartier fine jewellery, but it will certainly make you feel like one. Don yours with your most cherished evening wear, or add a sense of luxury to your best city-strolling outfit. Just don’t save it for special occasions. It deserves more than that.

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60/299 results
60/299 results