Gucci Women's Watches

Keep track of la dolce vita with a Gucci women's watch. Whether you're looking for an everyday timepiece for yourself or a special gift for a big birthday, we've got plenty to choose from. Sleek shapes and playful details make our picks a pleasure to peruse.

The brand was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Specialising in luxury luggage at first, it established itself as a purveyor of exceptional leather goods. Its reputation for fine craftsmanship was strengthened when clothing and accessories joined the offer. Opulent styles and sparkling finishes were as much a part of those early designs as they are today. On the watches, glimmering bracelet straps and brightly coloured faces are in keeping with the brand's aesthetic. Some of the label's recurring motifs include golden bees and fierce felines, as well as the interlocking double G logo, often seen just above 12 o'clock. Pick an item with a shining sapphire casing from our range of Gucci ladies' watches, if you're looking for the height of luxury. 

Select a Gucci quartz watch in the label's signature red and green for an iconic look. These hallmark colours often appear on woven straps, however, you could also get a traditional monogram strap or something with bright swirling flowers.

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40/40 results