Kid Made Modern kids

Every budding artist needs something to work with, so get them started with kids' craft supplies from Kid Made Modern. The company launched in 2012 with a mission to bring families together to share the joy of making. The brand creates fun kits based around arts and crafts, design and the sciences. Discover painting and colouring bundles bursting with pencils, markers and paints in every shade imaginable, along with the brushes and tools needed to start a studio. For mini fashion fans, the brand's jewellery kits contain enough rainbow beads, jewels and thread to make gifts for all their friends.

Our colourful collection of craft sets offers plenty of activities to keep young minds occupied for hours. While children are learning to build their creations from scratch, they also refine skills such as hand-eye coordination, planning and execution. The components of these kits are designed for small hands, and all the materials are safe to use (the age range is given on each box).

Explore our treasure trove to find arts and crafts to do at home, on long journeys or anywhere kids need some extra entertainment. There are on-the-go games and sets that come complete with storage cases, so everything can be neatly packed away until its next use.

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