Longchamp Shoulder Bags

What is it about the Longchamp shoulder bag that keeps us coming back? The company’s iconic totes have enjoyed non-stop cult status ever since Philippe Cassegrain launched Le Pliage in 1993. Upholding the brand’s legacy of marrying a luxe aesthetic with real-world practicality, the Longchamp large shoulder bag is an icon for a reason.

The Le Pliage has been reinterpreted across the years, with Cassegrain collaborating with some of fashion’s most celebrated designers to remix the item. However, each iteration honours the hallmarks of the original Longchamp top handle bag, sporting durable nylon, twin handles and folding down to the size of a paperback in four simple steps. Plus, they're all signed off with the horse-and-jockey logo, whether it’s embossed onto the leather closures or embroidered on the contrasting body.

Le Pliage remains the brand’s signature style but Cassegrain’s still spoiling us with new designs. You'll find crossbodies, totes and backpacks in a range of sizes, from compact handbags to oversized hold-alls for weekends away. As the antithesis of fast fashion, Longchamp top-handle bags are practical pieces, designed to be treasured for years to come. Even better, the line’s latest creations include eco-conscious options crafted from materials like recycled polyamide – look out for our Project Earth banner to spot them.

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