As one of Japan’s largest and oldest pen makers, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company knows a thing or two about writing instruments. The Tokyo brand, which was founded in 1897 and originally supplied pencils to the Japanese government, soon found success on the international stage. Mitsubishi Pencil’s uni-all sub-brand was introduced in 1979 and has remained a flagship ever since, engineering implements from sleek rollerballs to fine-tipped drawing pens.

In an increasingly digital world, the glide of a new pen across good-quality paper remains one of life’s little joys. Decades of expertise shine through in Mitsubishi Pencil products, which all offer an impeccably smooth writing experience. Whether you’re taking notes, drafting your next novel or sketching a drawing, you can rely on a Mitsubishi pen or pencil to help keep your creative juices flowing. Plus, comfort grips and ergonomic barrels mean they're comfortable to hold, while fade-resistant inks keep your work looking fresh on the page.

Why not colour-code your notes with a pack of multi-hued rollerballs? Using the brand's metallic gel pens, you can jazz up everything from birthday cards to shopping lists. Planning a big project? Look out for liquid chalk pens, designed to work on blackboards, glass and metal.

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