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Montegrappa fountain pens are designed, says the long-established Italian company, to "savour the luxury of slowing time down". So, naturally, writing with one of these fine implements feels almost meditative. It's a distinctly tactile experience, allowing the paper and metal to meet through the methodical details. These are products for pen lovers, sure, but they would delight anyone who appreciates the act of stopping, stepping back and indulging in simple, satisfying pleasures.

Explore this hand-picked selection of Montegrappa pens, all made in Italy with the utmost care. Fans of the classic fountain style will find much to love in the opulent gold-trimmed varieties. There are palladium-tipped pens here, too, engraved with the maker's famed filigree motif. The ballpoint pens by Montegrappa are just as lavish, sporting details like subtle texturing and brushed silver accents. Some feature commemorative designs that reference cultural icons. Many come in plush presentation packaging, ready to treat a lucky giftee.

For a writing experience that's a cut above, look to Montegrappa's most coveted premium designs – whether it's a collaborative piece or a carbon fibre shell with an 18-carat gold nib. Like all Montegrappa pens, these are a joy to write with (of course), but few objects will show off a sense of pride in the written word in quite the same way.

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