MOSCHINO Men's Tops & T-Shirts

Our men's Moschino tops bear all the hallmarks of one of the fashion world's boldest brands – whimsical designs, graphic prints, and eye-catching patterns. Since the early 1980s, Moschino has been injecting its witty spirit into a broad collection of garments, and you're sure to make a big statement with the Italian label's luxury T-shirts and polos.

When you're sporting one of these tops, there's no denying that it's a Moschino. The brand's name usually takes pride of place – printed in a large font across the chest of a Moschino crew neck tee, stamped around the collar of a stretch-cotton polo, or woven into logo tape on trims and hems. Punctuation marks are often thrown into the mix for extra impact, and some designs grab the zeitgeist with internet-inspired iconography. You can rely on a textured print to demand attention, or shiny embellished text to amp up an everyday outfit.

Another mainstay of head designer Jeremy Scott's "more-is-more" aesthetic is the label's familiar teddy bear mascot. You might find it taking centre stage on a plain white Moschino top, or tucked into the corner of a black T-shirt, putting a playful signature on their streetwear style.

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20/20 results