Omer Asim

Having graduated in architecture from the London School of Economics, Omer Asim continues to carry elements from his studies to his clothing. The androgynous articles are defined by asymmetric cuts, complex panelling and drapery. The brand's social media highlights inspiration from Asim's native Sudan as well as his British surroundings, with colourful facades juxtaposed against brutalist constructions. These representations manifest themselves by making use of bold sections and trim placed alongside subtle pastels or neutral shades across the line.

You’ll see the use of fine fabrics in the Omer Asim fashion collection, from lightweight cotton to lustrous silk. The traditional Sudanese thobe – the national long wrap-around cloth – is echoed in many of the label’s dresses – winning Asim the Fashion Trust Arabia award in 2020. Designs consist of semi-sheer panes, pleated crepe and high, square necklines to create form. The brand adds slip pockets for both practicality and structure, which contrast with flowing silhouettes and waves of fabric.

Pieces throughout the Omer Asim Selfridges range are part of our Project Earth programme, which is dedicated to reusing, recycling and constantly striving to avoid thoughtless waste. Why not pick a timeless tailored jacket from the selection to pair with a bright minimalistic blouse, or combine it with a sleek dress for that standout effect?

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