Welcome some tranquillity into your daily routine. With soothing blends of CBD and botanicals – think lavender, chamomile and liquorice – our collection of OTO sleep drops and beauty products is created for sweet dreams and mindful relaxation.

OTO takes its name from the Japanese term for ‘sound’. Among OTO’s skin care, beauty and sleep collections, you’ll find an assortment of essential oils and delicate scents to help you create moments of peace in your life. Crafted by a group of skilled scientists and designers, each line contains innovative formulas to encourage restorative rest, a calm mindset and a state of focus.

Sleep soundly and wake up re-energised with OTO CBD drops. Apply the blend of botanicals and CBD to your tongue to help regulate your natural sleeping patterns. With its notes of floral and citrus, spritzing a bottle of pillow mist before bed creates a serene atmosphere. Looking to add a revitalising boost to your beauty regimen when you wake? OTO’s body care products are designed to protect and condition your skin throughout the day. Massage antioxidant body oil into specific areas for a brightening effect – or rub on some creamy hand balm to treat your hands and replenish hydration.

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2/2 results