Pangaia Women's Clothes

PANGAIA creates everyday clothing and accessories using innovative technology and bioengineered materials. Its name (pronounced pang-eye-er) combines "pan", meaning all-inclusive, and Gaia, the Greek word for Earth. The brand is famous for its forward-thinking methods and breakthrough techniques. It produces organic cotton women's clothing and socks, gloves and hats made from recycled materials.

In our collection of PANGAIA fashion, you might spot shell jackets stuffed with dried flowers as an alternative to feathers and down. For weekends, pick out denim jeans in super wearable cuts made from a plant-based blend of hemp and cotton that helps reduce environmental impact. Dressing down, or after something to lounge in? Explore PANGAIA's tracksuits in a rainbow of muted and vibrant colours, which are dyed using a recycled water system. Brushed linings and oversized fits keep these pieces comfy and casual.

PANGAIA's focus is placed on planet-friendly fabrics and dedication to finding alternatives to conventional choices and ethical sourcing. You'll notice Selfridges's Project Earth for Nature banner on many of these jackets, pyjamas and dresses. Keep an eye out for the brand's logo, which consists of seven circles arranged in the shape of a "P". Another common addition to garments is printed texts explaining how they have been produced, so you can be a walking advocate for a cleaner planet. Notice these, too, on the brand's water bottles, made from repurposed ocean-bound plastic.

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