RE/DONE Women's

If you're all about unique pieces, you'll love the RE/DONE women's collection. The label hand-picks and reworks vintage denim into one-of-a-kind luxury pieces. So, when you shop our RE/DONE clothing selection, you'll notice that every design has an individual look. Maybe you'll be drawn to 70s stove-pipe jeans, ripped in the all right places and modernised for modern lives. Perhaps you'll fall in love with a slim-fitting 90s pair, high waist and all. Or you might find your favourite among RE/DONE's tops and tees, crafted especially to pair up with its denim.

Eco-minded shoppers, particularly, will find a firm friend in RE/DONE. Since day one, the brand has made sustainability central to its operation. Recycled denim is a big part of the picture – since launching in 2014, the label has saved more than 145,000 garments from landfill. You'll also note its commitment to water-reduced, low-chemical manufacturing methods. That's a philosophy we can get behind.

Outfit-wise, you've got options aplenty. RE/DONE jeans and tops come in a range of colours and fits, making it easy to create an instant vintage-casual outfit. Just throw on a pair of well-worn trainers, and you'll be ready to meet friends at that car boot sale or record fair.

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