Sisley Lipsticks

Sisley lipstick is like two premium products in one. It will give your lips some scintillating colour, sure – there are swathes of shades available to help you get the right look. But it doesn't stop there. With powerful plant extracts, these lip applications keep skin feeling moist and plump too. Consider them 50% make-up, 50% hydrating balm.

Of course, we'd expect nothing less than such a clever strategy from Sisley. Founded in 1975, this Parisian brand has been crafting high-class beauty products almost since day one. Every formulation brings together scientific know-how with an appreciation of nature, ensuring it feels wonderful to use and respects the innate balance of the skin's epidermis.

We've picked out several of our favourite Sisley lip glosses and lipsticks for your purchase. You'll see classic twisty varieties here, infused with carefully chosen oils for extra suppleness and a silky feel. There are pencil-style applicators too, which seem to melt sensuously onto the skin, leaving behind a lustrous yet natural-looking shine. They don't need sharpening, so they're easy to stash in a handbag for applying at a moment's notice.

Expect all Sisley lipsticks to be hydrating and long-lasting, so a morning application will be all you'll need. They feel so good to use, though, you'll want to top up anyway.

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