SUQQU make-up is designed with two concepts at its heart: enhancing your natural beauty and bringing out the fun in your daily cosmetics routine. Discover the Japanese label's face-perfecting foundations, pigmented palettes and sunset-inspired blushes in our expertly curated collection. That's after moisturising with its day creams, of course.

The playful line was established in 2003, taking its name from the Japanese term to describe the gesture of a woman rising to her full height. This empowering sentiment is threaded through every component of the brand's products, from the sleek packaging to the skin-soothing formulas and wide range of colours to cater for every skin tone. To make sure you get the most out of your picks, the label offers a selection of tools, too, including lash curlers, fluffy brushes and super-soft sponges.

Start your beauty regime with a lightweight SUQQU primer to create a smooth surface for your chosen SUQQU foundation. Follow up with a light dusting of powder to mattify your complexion and complete the even coverage. A streak of blusher across your cheekbones brings out their natural shape, while a dash of highlighter on your brow accentuates your radiance. Finish up with a slick of colour – on the lips or eyelids – and spritz all over with a fixer for a day-long hold.

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60/98 results
60/98 results
SUQQU: Sheer Matte lipstick 4g
SUQQU: Powder Blush compact 16.5g
SUQQU: Retouch Pressed Powder
SUQQU: Nuance liquid eyeliner 0.35ml
SUQQU: Blush Brush