Women’s Phone Cases

If you're looking to carry something from your favourite brand with you, everywhere you go, head to our collection of women's phone cases. Discover designer tech accessories that will give your handset a style upgrade.

We have luxury iPhone cases, for instance, made from soft silicone to cushion against those accidental (and inevitable) falls. Search for flip-to-open iterations, complete with handy card slots so they can act as premium purses too. Or, for a case that's sure to be noticed, choose one crafted from supple leather, embellished all over with gleaming gemstones and finished with designer branding.

Among our ladies' phone cases, you'll find a wide range of designs to fit plenty of models. Some have long, durable straps or chains so you can sling them on like a handbag; others are made to multitask, with multiple pockets for you to store your extra small and precious belongings. You might even notice our Project Earth banner among the selection. This is your signal that the product aligns with our environmental goals – perhaps it's made from upcycled or recycled materials or is manufactured locally. If you're looking to protect the planet as well as your tech, we suggest you explore these.

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60/162 results
60/162 results