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A change in season calls for a change to our beauty routines. It happens every year and yet we’re always surprised when it inevitably comes around. Many of us can often be heard bemoaning our lack of lustre: “Ugh, my skin feels so flaky at the minute, what’s going on?” or, a line I’ve found myself repeating this week, “Is it always this dark at 5 o’clock in November?” Sound familiar? From being stuck indoors with dialled-up central heating to a desire to hunker down with a relaxing bath in the evenings, here are the product switch-ups and winter beauty rituals that will bring some relief, radiance and much-needed joy to the season.


ELIZABETH ARDEN – Eight Hour Cream intensive lip repair balm

With face masks still a firm staple in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise our beloved lipsticks are once again being skipped in favour of neutral tints and balms. And, if like me, your lips become dry and flaky around this time of year, then you’re probably on the lookout for a heavy-duty lip balm. Doing the work of a ‘lip mask’, I have become slightly obsessed with this little pot of magic by Elizabeth Arden – and boy does it come into its own during winter! A multi-award-winner inspired by the iconic original formula, but carefully crafted (and scientifically shown) to strengthen your lips' delicate moisture barrier instead. Our tip? Apply it before bed and wake up with silky, moisturised lips come the morning. You won’t regret it.

Go big or go home

LA MER – Genaissance de La Mer The Concentrated Night Balm

When it comes to moisturisers, you may find it necessary to up the ante in winter. Personally, I like to use serums and lightweight moisturisers and SPF in the summer, but the colder months call for richer textures packed with active ingredients. If you’re looking for an upgrade, it doesn’t get much better than La Mer. Infused with amino acids and the brand’s replenishing ‘Miracle Broth’ (which you’ll find in all its beloved moisturisers), this rich balm gets to work overnight to boost your skin’s natural collagen, elastin and moisture levels. Spend a good minute or so massaging the silky formula into dry, cleansed skin at night and you’ll wake to firmer, smoother skin.

Heaven soak

SUSANNE KAUFMANN – Mountain Pine bath oil

Welcoming a new brand to the Selfridges family is always exciting, but excitement levels are peaked when it’s a brand I’ve been eyeing up eagerly for quite some time. Enter: Susanne Kaufmann, a results-orientated range of natural skin and body products with a focus on wellbeing. I am particularly smitten with this bath oil. Perfect for this time of year, the scent is a potent full-body experience that’s like stepping into a heavenly holistic spa or hammam for the evening (but without the painful dry brushing part…let’s just say I had an unfortunate experience at a Moroccan Hamman a few years ago – a story for another time). Simply pour in a few tablespoons of this glorious blend, lie back, close your eyes and breeeathe.

Banish the scales

KIEHL’S – Crème de Corps Body Moisturiser

After said bath it’s time to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. It’s around this time of year that many of us (me included) get dry, scaly legs thanks to fluctuating temperatures and lack of sun exposure. If you suffer with a case of ‘the scales’ – I know, attractive right? – then opt for a body lotion packed with nourishing ingredients, like this one from Kiehl’s. The tried-and-tested Crème de Corps formula is designed for the driest of skin and contains a cocktail of jojoba, sesame and olive oil that feels super indulgent when you slather it on. 

Magic mask

DERMALOGICA – Hydro Masque Exfoliant

After reaping the rewards of a (usually) steady sun-kissed summer, it’s this time of year that can cause your skin to have a bit of a personality crisis. “How is it even possible to have spots and dry skin at once?” you may find yourself asking. Whether it’s dehydrating central heating, a lack of vitamin D or a rise in stress levels, these changes can leave your skin unbalanced. To tackle this, I’ve been reaching for Dermalogica’s Hydro Masque Exfoliant, which walks the fine line between a good old-fashioned exfoliation (thanks to revitalising bamboo) and a soothing hydrating mask that plumps the skin but doesn’t leave it feeling dry.


LE LABO – Hand Pomade

From a lip ‘mask’ to a hand ‘pomade’ (yes, the beauty world loves a swanky synonym), this lovely hand cream from Le Labo is a favourite in my household, and many others, thanks to its gorgeous (vegan and paraben-free) formula and characteristically chic packaging. Containing nourishing shea butter, almond oil and peony root, it not only smells great but deeply hydrates parched hands without leaving a sticky residue behind. Perfect for chapped hands battling persistent hand washing, sanitising and winter’s chill.

How to: Zen

BED OF NAILS – Acupuncture Mat

“You want me to lie on a bed of nails? Are you mad?!” Okaaay, this may sound a bit ‘out there’ but trust me when I say acupuncture mats are having a bit of a moment in the wellness world – and for good reason. You may have seen them popping up on your Instagram or on various ‘at-home stress-busting tips’ articles. As the daughter of a very brilliant acupuncturist (hi Dad!), I can attest to the powerful effect an acupuncture treatment can have on your body, and although this won’t have as dramatic an effect, the tried-and-tested principles are the same. This modern, ergonomically designed version of the ancient technology stimulates energy in the body, triggering the body’s innate way of healing itself. Lying on the mat for 20 minutes can alleviate a whole host of issues – from neck and back ache (after being hunched over your laptop all day) to sore muscles, headaches and stress.

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