fresh eyes

Winner of the Best Branded Podcast Award at the British Podcast Awards 2019

Have you ever wondered how prosthetic eyes are made? Or what it takes to become a champion chess boxer (where board games meet boxing gloves)? Well, now you have.

In our podcast series, Fresh Eyes, created as part of our Eye See campaign, you’ll hear from offbeat individuals and extraordinary enthusiasts – all offering eye-opening stories and an alternative lens through which to see the world. Listen here, or download on iTunes or Spotify.

Episode 6: Square Eyes

Finding love in the digital age doesn't always have to mean swiping right. Meet Lala and Sam, a couple caught in a world between fantasy and reality where their quest for love plays out in the most unusual of realms.

Episode 5: Eye Catching


With over 300 names on his books at A1 Star Tributes, Lee Arthur is a tribute act tycoon. 


In this episode we meet Edward, the unlikely Michael Jackson mega fan and Michaela, the Britney Spears doppelganger, as they prepare to perform for their fans and reveal what it takes to make a living pretending to be somebody else.

Episode 4: Keep Your Eyes Peeled


Boe, 22, didn’t always plan to become a taxi driver, but when life took an unexpected turn she found herself following in the family tradition.


With 320 routes and at least 20,000 landmarks to memorise, The Knowledge of London is the most challenging taxi examination in the world. As Boe approaches the last leg of her Knowledge journey, we discover the grit and determination it takes to become a true London black cabbie and the lengths a father will go to support his daughter.

Episode 3: Eye Candy

Can women be drag queens? In this episode, we seek to answer this question by following female drag queen Georgie Bee on a night on the circuit. With help from pioneering club promoter Steven Braines, Georgie is defying drag stereotypes one gig at a time and having a ball while doing so.

Episode 2: Eye of the Tiger

In this episode, we look at what it is to be a champion through the world of Chess Boxing, also known as ‘nerd-fighting’. This unique hybrid sport challenges athletes to be not only physically fit but mentally too. We meet Matt “Crazy Arms” (read: the most successful Chess Boxer in history) for his last-ever match. For Crazy Arms, who has only ever lost one match, a lot is at stake, as he aims to retire from Chess Boxing with his brains, brawns and reputation intact.

Episode 1: Eye Popping

False eyes: chances are you don't often think about them, let alone the skill, artistry and sensitivity of those who craft them.


Meet Kanti Fatania, an Eye Prosthesis Specialist who has spent years creating some of the world’s most sought-after eyes, behind the unassuming frontage of his Baker Street opticians. But in an industry as singular as this, working relationships can be just as intriguing. Hear from Kanti and his in-house iris painter, George, as, together, they explain the process, and reveal their unusual yet endearing relationship. 

Eye See: see the world differently

Fresh Eyes is brought to you as part of our new campaign, Eye See – a glimpse into the multifaceted world of eyewear and beyond. Celebrating the launch of our brand-new sunglasses and optical destination at Selfridges London (opening at the end of July 2018), we’re showcasing this season’s most eye-catching frames and taking a look at the world through a new lens.