Selfridges and Barbour Present:

The E-Lander

Words: Chekii Harling

We’ve teamed up with Barbour to create a one-of-a-kind electric Land Rover Defender, bringing together revolutionary Tesla technology and the very best craftsmanship. Discover the story of this pioneering feat of engineering – and how to buy it – right here...



barbour PRESENT:


Words: Chekii Harling

We’ve teamed up with Barbour and Land Rover to create a one-of-a-kind electric Land Rover Defender, bringing together revolutionary Tesla technology and the very best craftsmanship. Discover the story of this pioneering feat of engineering – and how to buy it – right here...

To celebrate the launch of Selfridges Project Earth, our commitment to designing a brighter future for retail, we commissioned Barbour to convert the iconic Land Rover Defender Works V8 into a truly unique electric Land Rover Defender. The E-Lander features a luxurious (and responsibly sourced) interior created by the experts at Barbour, a Tesla engine for zero-emission driving and Land Rover’s signature attention to detail. To put the car through its paces, we invited motoring personality Jonny Smith to take it for a spin from the Welsh highlands to its current home next to the Corner Shop in the Selfridges London store. Here’s how we gave the classic Land Rover Defender a modern-day makeover, with a little help from a few of our favourite British brands…


Meet our bespoke electric Land Rover. Kitted out with a 330kW (45-hp) & 440NM torque Tesla motor AWD, it’s capable of 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

- Custom Barbour interior, complete with faux vegan leather.
- Enhanced off-road experience with three limited-slip differentials.
- 85kWh battery pack with a range of upwards 140 miles - far more when you are driving off-road at low speeds.
- 22kW 3 phase charge system with type 2 charge socket.
- Full charge in around 3.5 hours
VEHICLE: £148,875
TOTAL: £152,155
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Up till now, electric vehicle technology has largely focused on urban transport that covers short distances. Automobile specialist Jonny Smith explains: “The rise of the electric vehicle couldn’t be more crucial within urban life, where journeys are often short, traffic is high and the need for clean air quality continues.” So, converting a Land Rover Defender, designed to traverse all terrains and cover long distances, was not going to be easy.

Transforming this classic off-road vehicle required the best brains in the industry, so we teamed up with Electric Classic Cars, the world leader in converting existing vehicles into more sustainable alternatives. Based in the rugged Welsh highlands, the company has helped some of the world’s largest organisations to reduce their carbon emissions for the past 20 years. Placed in their capable hands, our Defender was gutted: its diesel engine, fuel tank and exhaust removed and replaced by 16 Tesla Model S batteries. Balanced between the vehicle’s front and rear, these high-performance batteries supply 53 kilowatt-hours of power

The original Land Rover chassis was constructed using aluminium, an alternative for steel which was rationed during the World War II effort and its light-green paint was a hand-me-down from military planes. To refresh this iconic vehicle, we splashed on a shiny-new coat of paint in a light-mustard shade (a Selfridges favourite, naturally).


By coming together on Project Earth, Barbour and Selfridges are doing what they have always done – listening and responding to what’s important to their customers.... We are playing a part in making a difference to the planet through this series of sustainable initiatives.

- Gary Janes, Senior Design and Development Manager at Barbour
Jonny Smith taking the E-Lander on its first adventure, from Wales to Selfridges London 


Imagine climbing into a Land Rover Defender – weathered seats, flapping calico and scattered wisps of hay may well spring to mind. Refining the Landy for drivers who cross cities and sweeping countryside required a contemporary makeover – and who better for the job than the equally timeless British brand Barbour? Known for creating high-quality durable garments – their lightweight jackets are famously cut from waxed cotton and tartan – team Barbour crafted a bespoke interior for our vehicle from their finest, responsibly sourced fabrics.

The original Land Rover Defenders were stylish dinosaurs. This version? It allows you to retain that iconic Landy silhouette but enjoy triple the performance without the guilt of tailpipe pollution.

- Jonny Smith, automobile specialist
The bespoke Barbour interior, crafted using their iconic tartan and vegan leather

Barbour fashioned the interior with their classic tartan, a locally sourced and UK-made fabric normally reserved for the linings of their wax jackets. “It provides a harmonious contrast to the interior quilted leather panels and complements the external colour of the E-Defender. I think it looks fantastic,” says Gary Janes, Senior Design and Development Manager at Barbour. Quality design and classic craftsmanship underpin the finishes, creating a natural balance between the two heritage brands.

At Barbour, we firmly believe in acting responsibly and playing our part to minimise the impact we have on the environment. Our iconic wax jackets are of the highest quality and if re-waxed regularly, will last for many, many years, making them an affordable luxury investment.

- Gary James, Senior Design and Development Manager at Barbour
Jonny Smith taking the E-Lander out for a spin


Jonny’s background in test driving and motoring journalism gave us an idea: why not ask him to take our E-Lander out for a spin? He was eager to experience the vehicle’s unique regenerative braking and bespoke gauges, which were adapted to be compatible with the new electric engine. “Off-roading and climbing into the wilderness without the clatter of a diesel engine beneath the bonnet was absolutely liberating,” Jonny said of his trip from the Welsh highlands to London. “The bit that makes me giggle every time was the absence of the huge wobbling Defender gear stick. Instead of needing to change gear, you simply press a button and squeeze the pedal.” It sounds as though it ran like a dream.

Projects like this electric Defender mean you can combine a desirable, iconic vehicle with all-new 21st-century guts to bring it into a new era.

- Jonny Smith, automobile specialist
Jonny Smith with the E-Lander


As our new E-Lander shows, with a little collaboration and a shared desire to build a greener future, anything is possible – even when it comes to the toughest utility vehicle in the world. “I see luxury for the progressive consumer being something that has a stronger element of responsibility and sustainability,” Jonny Smith reflected. “Excess was often the by-product of luxury... We need to think about what we consume more.”

To see our electric Land Rover Defender, visit the Barbour space next to The Corner Shop on G at Selfridges London.

In celebration of Selfridges Project Earth, we’ve teamed up with Barbour to bring you an exclusive collection of restored jackets called ‘Barbour Re-loved’ - available in store at Selfridges London and online soon. This includes collectable pieces, featuring war-veteran badges woven onto them.


Join us to discover the most exciting design innovations, retail concepts and thought-provoking ideas in sustainability, as we launch a series of new commitments set to radically change our business with the launch of Project Earth.

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